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I absolutely loved having my son at Duarte Family Day Care!

I absolutely loved having my son at Duarte Family Day Care!  We stared him when he was just 6 months old and it was so reassuring to know that he was being cared for by Lourdes and her assistants.  They created such a warm and loving environment for him that he never cried when I dropped him off because he was so happy to be there.  And the home cooked meals were great.  We kept him there for almost 3 1/2 years and when he finally went to preschool just before he turned 4 his teachers were amazed with how much he already knew.  He's at the top of his preschool class and I know that this is in large part because of how much he learned while at Lourdes's.  I cannot say enough great things about our experience there.

Thank you for everything Lourdes!

--Lisa R.

We Love This Place

We love this place. I really can't say enough about how wonderful the staff is. A great balance of fun and thoughtfulness for the children. The kids love the instruction and my daughter, 3, comes home asking to practice her letters and numbers. We are a multilingual/multicultural home and really enjoy that here daycare environment is as well. Lastly, I really feel that Ms Lourdes and the entire staff understand how to perfectly balance the wonderful quirks and individual personalities of the children while teaching them to grow in a group setting.

The Breugot Family

A Fabulous Daycare!

We feel so blessed to have had our daughter with Miss Lourdes and her amazing loving staff for over these last three years. We look forward to maintaining a lifelong friendship with them. During this time of getting to know Miss Lourdes and her staff, we have appreciated her level of professionalism and talents working with our daughter, helping her to develop her emotional, social and academic skills.  Miss Lourdes helped to create a very successful routine for our daughter. Jaydee (our daughter) was always happy to go to “school” and just that gave me a peace of mind as a mother every single day! Not too long ago Jaydee asked me with a big smile, I am going to school today? Lol

Each day Miss Lourdes has a bunch of fun activities for the kids such as baking cookies, preparing their own pizzas, gardening, swimming in the kiddie pool, harvesting corn and tomatoes, doing artwork. These activities have been wonderful for our daughter’s development and allowed her to be outgoing and confident. Our daughter have proven to be comfortable in almost any setting much because of these great activities.  Miss Lourdes has taught our daughter to appreciate little things like watering plants and sharing and caring for younger kids. Throughout the day Miss Lourdes engaged with our daughter speaking to her in Tagalog, singing songs and telling stories. I personally love that fact that my kid was expose to more than two languages.


Overall we highly recommend Duarte Family Daycare to a family that values education, appreciates initiative and enjoys engagement with the person who spends the majority of the day with their child (children).  Miss. Lourdes and her staff are very skilled at helping to de-escalate tantrums and many other things, they provide our daughter with coping skills and engage in developing the whole child.  Much more than a Daycare, Miss Lourdes and her staff are a perfect combination of a sudo-parent or grandmother. Our daughter loves her. If you are looking for an amazing Daycare you should definitely considered Duarte Family Daycare.

Best Wishes,

Blanca R.

We love the fun, loving and above all caring and clean environment!

Miss Lourdes is the best! My daughter was under her care since she was 6 months old.  She is now in Kindergarten and she misses Ms. Lourdes.  She started reading at 4 years old and that is thanks to Ms. Lourdes. We love the fun, loving and above all caring and clean environment  Ms. Lourdes and her family provide.  The best decision I ever made to choose Ms. Lourdes.